Wealth Management

What is wealth management?

The correct answer differs for each individual.

A Mayco Financial Services representative will take the time to find out about your long term goals, your aspirations, and yes, your fears.

We follow the steps of the fMorris CFP meetinginancial planning process which emphasizes learning about you; designing and implementing a plan; and following up with regular reviews. The ultimate goal is to build and protect your wealth.

We will work through the fact-finding process together. After establishing your client profile, the solutions we may recommend include, but are not limited to using our fee-based solutions where our financial success is directly aligned with yours, a variety of income producing investment vehicles, or perhaps a guaranteed account based on the claims paying ability of a major insurance company.

The strategy will be specific to your own situation. Our ongoing relationship will include a variety of customized monthly, quarterly, and/or semi-annual reports. We are also available for periodic reviews.

For more information on the financial planning process, visit the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.